Male descendants of Peter F GOOSEN

I.1    Peter F GOOSEN, born on 14-06-1884.
Married at the age of 24 on 25-03-1909 to Maria SCHULTZ, 30 years old, born on 27-09-1878, died on 24-07-1974 at the age of 95, daughter of Jacob SCHULTZ and Anna VOTH.
From this marriage:

   1. May Martha GOOSEN, born on 20-06-1911.
Married at the age of 26 on 16-03-1938 to Jacob A. KLAASSEN, 37 years old, born on 21-11-1900.
   2. Anna GOOSEN (see also II.4).
   3. Louise GOOSEN (see also II.6).
   4. Susan GOOSEN (see also II.8).

II.4    Anna GOOSEN, born on 07-01-1913.
Married 1939 to George G. WARKENTIN, born on 18-01-1911.
From this marriage:
   1. Elnora Ann WARKENTIN.
   2. Harvey Gerhard WARKENTIN.

II.6    Louise GOOSEN, born on 26-12-1915.
Married at the age of 26 on 23-07-1942 to Roy A. EPP.
From this marriage:
   1. Loretta Louise EPP.
   2. Roy Gerhard EPP.
   3. Darlene Ann EPP.
   4. Diane Marie EPP.

II.8    Susan GOOSEN.
Married on 06-09-1940 to Leonard Theodore NICKEL, 26 years old, born on 05-05-1914 in Mt. Lake, Minnesota.
From this marriage:
   1. Stanley NICKEL.
   2. Robert NICKEL.

Patrick Goosen

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