Male descendants of Jacobus GOOSSENS

I.1 Jacobus GOOSSENS, born on 15-05-1713 in Malderen, died on 25-06-1776 in Malderen at the age of 63.
Married (1) at the age of 29 on 12-05-1743 in Malderen to Maria de VOS, 31 years old, born on 15-03-1712 in Malderen, died on 21-03-1761 in Malderen at the age of 49.
Married (2) 1761 to Maria POLFLIET, born in Bornem, died on 22-02-1796 in Malderen.
From the first marriage:

1. Andreas GOOSSENS (see also II.1).

From the second marriage:

2. Joanna Catharina GOOSSENS, born on 14-11-1767 in Malderen (witness(es): Joannes Coppens, Joanna Polfliet), died on 26-05-1838 in Sint Amands at the age of 70.
Married (1) 1802 to Joannes Baptist ROBIJNS, born 1737, died on 01-12-1807 in Sint Amands.
Married (2) at the age of 41 on 22-02-1809 in Sint Amands to Joannes HOOFT, 56 years old, born on 29-03-1752 in Sint Amands (witness(es): Joannes Joos, Theresia Cranaert), died on 29-08-1816 in Sint Amands at the age of 64.
3. Petronella GOOSSENS, died on 03-11-1811 in Buggenhout.
Married to Petrus Joannes PHILIPS, died on 09-11-1816 in Buggenhout.

II.1 Andreas GOOSSENS, died on 12-01-1807 in Malderen.
Married 08-1781 in Hingene to Anna Maria MATTHIJS, born 1753 in Hingene, died on 22-02-1821 in Malderen.
From this marriage:

1. Francisca GOOSSENS, born on 19-04-1789 in Malderen, died on 14-07-1842 in Malderen at the age of 53.
Married at the age of 24 on 22-07-1813 in Malderen to Benedictus WILLOCKX, 29 years old, born on 19-04-1784 in Malderen, died on 26-01-1864 in Malderen at the age of 79.

Patrick Goosen

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