Male descendants of Isaac GOOSEN

I.1    Isaac GOOSSEN, born 1763, died 1803.
Married to Anna MARTENS, born 1759.
From this marriage:
   1.  Isaac Isaac GOOSSEN, born 1783.
Married to Aganetha, born 1782.
   2.  Heinrich Isaac GOOSSEN, born 1796.
   3.  Johann GOOSEN (see also II.4).

II.4    Johann GOOSEN, born 1796.
Married 1820 to Margaretha, born 1806.
From this marriage:
   1.  Johann Johann GOOSEN (see also III.1).

III.1    Johann Johann GOOSEN, born 1820, died 1891.
   1.  Johann Johann GOOSEN (see also IV.1).

IV.1    Johann Johann GOOSEN, born on 01-01-1844 in Cheshire, England, died on 27-08-1914 in Halbstadt, Molotschna South at the age of 70.
Married at the age of 23 on 23-02-1867 to Helena PETERS, 23 years old, born on 26-03-1843 in Gnadenheim, Molotschna South, died on 23-08-1906 in Nebraska, USA at the age of 63.
From this marriage:
   1.  Peter Johann GOOSSEN (see also V.1).
   2.  Helena J. GOOSSEN, born on 23-08-1883, died on 24-06-1945 at the age of 61.
Married at the age of 22 on 04-01-1906 to Peter J. HIEBERT, 28 years old, born on 09-02-1877, died on 25-02-1958 at the age of 81.

V.1    Peter Johann GOOSSEN, born on 23-08-1878, died 01-1957 in Reedley, Tuare, California.
Married 01-1909 in Nebraska to Maria R. FADENRECHT, born on 27-02-1889 in Hampton, Hamilton, Nebraska.
From this marriage:
   1.  Abe GOOSSEN, born 1911.
   2.   Benne GOOSSEN, born 1913.


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