Male descendants of Jakob GOOSEN

I.1    Jakob GOOSEN, born on 31-01-1854 in Orhloff, died on 03-01-1902 in Alexanderkrone at the age of 47.
Married at the age of 20 on 21-11-1874 to Margaretha DICK, 20 years old, born on 28-11-1853 in Tiege (South Russia), died on 10-08-1887 in Alexanderkrone at the age of 33, daughter of Abraham DICK and Sara BAERKMANN.
From this marriage:
   1.  Sara GOOSEN, born on 14-02-1876 in Alexanderkrone, died on 18-11-1877 at the age of 1.
   2.   Agelgunde GOOSEN, born on 28-09-1878 in Alexanderkrone, died 1920.
Married to David DIRKS, born 1874.
   3.  Maria GOOSEN, born on 11-06-1881 in Alexanderkrone.
Married to Heinrich DIRKS, born 1877.
   4.   Margaretha GOOSEN, born on 24-01-1884 in Alexanderkrone, died on 07-02-1888 in Ljwowka at the age of 4.
   5.   Jakob GOOSEN, born on 27-02-1886 in Alexanderkrone, died on 05-03-1829.
Married to Anna BAERG, born 1890.


Patrick Goosen

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