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GOSS/GOSSE: (English, Norman, French and Low German) The Old French given name of Gosse, represents the Germanic personal name of Gozzo, a short form of various names compounded names with the first element of god, good, got. Diminutives are: England, Gossett; France, Gosset(t), Gossin; Flemish & Dutch, Goosen, Goosens, Goossen, Goossens.

Polygenetic meaning from several sources... It originated near the same time in England, France, Hungary, and Germany. As an English place name, it described one who lived near a moor or wood...a descendant of Goss -- a pet form of Gocelin "the just" was called by the name, as was the descendant of the Goth...The dweller at the sign of the goose was sometimes called Goss, as was the dweller at the thorns. There was a former Austrian town called Goss, and some residents took that as a surname. Goss is also a shortened form of the Germanic element god - which means good.

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