Thanks also just came upon this site by chance, i was born in Springs on 15/07/1960 to Johannes Christoffel Goosen and Doreen Rosemary (Smith) Goosen My sister is Vera Catherine Goosen now Amos. At 2 years we moved to Durban lost all contact. My father fell ill with gillian barre syndrome and we never again had contact with any of the family since. If anyone can remember us let us know, i think my father had a brother who was much younger than him and i think it was Patrick -

Tuesday, 01 June 2010 17:46
Annatjie Coetzee

Would like to know more about the brothers of George Saunders Goosen (died August 1997). -

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 04:48
Maureen MacDonald nee Blake

I am looking for Johannes Goosen that grew up in Kempton Park (Olifantsfontein)SouthAfrica and born on January 16th 1950 -

Thursday, 13 May 2010 03:44
jason leigh (barnard )goosen


Friday, 30 April 2010 17:28
Philip Goosen

I want to know if there is a link between the surname Goosen and the land Gosen as described in the bible, where does our name originate from and how did our crest came to be? -

Friday, 30 April 2010 12:21
Maans Brink

Ek is op soek na Gert( shorty) Goosen wat in die jare 60 by die militere akademie studeer het en toe 'n kort loopbaan in die SAVloot gehad het -

Thursday, 29 April 2010 12:37
Adriaan Goosen

My pa was Antonie Christoffel Goosen gebore 1927 oorlede 1995,oupa dieselfde name gehad,ouma was Anna Cornelia gebore 1889. -

Tuesday, 27 April 2010 16:42
Ashley Goosen

I mentioned in my last posting that I had started the family tree. If someone could point me to another web site as I am stuck on my grandfather Christoffel Jacobus Goosen. I know he had siblings, but no one in the family knows their names. Would the national archives reveal this? Help!! Regards Ashley Goosen -

Thursday, 22 April 2010 20:39
Karen Carlisle

Obituary for: III.20 I have the obit if you are interested. -

Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:11
Janine Goosen Dunn

Interesting that your father George Goosen was born in Muskegon Michigan. My father, George Goosen was born in Muskegon Michigan in 1916; son of George and Rena Goosen who both came from the Netherlands when they were children. I'm sure there is a connection here. Email me if you're interested in talking about this. Jan -

Monday, 15 March 2010 06:48
Wendy Watts

Hi, wonder if you could assist, know this is the Goosen genealogy website, my search of Watts Geaealogy brought me to this site. Any informaton of the Watts family that lived in Pietersburg, South Africa? -

Saturday, 13 March 2010 17:42

Prima, je bent weer aktief in de genealogie en op het net. Ik heb je site en je werk altijd zeer gewaardeerd. Ik ben en blijf een trouwe bezoeker. Op jacht naar de oer-oer-oer-oer-stamvader van de Goosen familie. gerrit - -

Tuesday, 09 March 2010 02:21
Clarence Odendaal

Family Crests / Familiewapens -

Sunday, 07 March 2010 07:49
Erna Buber-deVilliers

Helena Johanna Petronella Goosen 22.12.1865 - 12.12.1940 was my great-great grandmother. She was married to Jan Harm Schutte, and was a midwife. In 1951 she was living in Maclear (I have a letter she wrote to my dad). She also lived in Barcly East at some stage. She had four sons: Christian Ernst, Willem Adrian Goosen, Andries and Jan Harm. She had six daughters, whose names I do not know, except for Elfrieda Swarts ne

Friday, 19 February 2010 17:13
Deon Goosen

Just visiting the site again. Keep it going Goosens. Deon & karen Goosen Nelspruit South Africa -

Friday, 05 February 2010 08:33

gidoen here again if u think u r a relative google geneology of corrie goosen da diamond smuggla an if it relates 2 u e mail plz it will be graet 2 catch up n share sum mafia sopranos stories hehe mwha -

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 19:48
gideon willem {joubert} goosen

ola i am johan goosens last born son brother of notorios corrie goosen after dad died me an my mom karin joubert lost contaqct with the rest of our family soon after we lost contact with my 2 half brothers jaco an rynard goosen due 2 there *stout gat * habits and i would like 2 make contact with my cousin *klein corr* corrie an debby*s oldest son an it wont be bad if i heard from hentie my youngest cousin an klein corrs lil adoptid brother i realy miss ma family an love them all still very much even after all these years please if any body can help reunite us much appreciation mwha chow 4 now -

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 19:36

Hi my dad and grandfather both had the name Johannes Jurgens. My grandfather was born in Maclear in the Cape, and married Rachel Naude I would like to know more about the Goosen family -

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 13:51
Trudy Bogner

Have trying to find some information on those Ornee who emigrated to the United States....did see some in your records.....My greatgrandfather was Johannes Mol ( no further info) and Wlhelmina Ornee. -

Tuesday, 02 February 2010 20:07
Trudy Bogner

Have been trying to find information of those Ornee that emigrated to the United states.....saw some of them in your records......My great grandfather was Johannnes Mol, married to Wilhelmina Ornee. -

Tuesday, 02 February 2010 20:05
Alec Goosen

Browsing to see who is family -

Saturday, 23 January 2010 17:19

My Name is Alec Michael Goosen My Grandfather is Alexander Josias Goosen and i would like to see who he was lnked to -

Saturday, 23 January 2010 17:17

Ik weet niet of ik bij de juiste Goosen ben beland, maar ik zoek Wil Goosen, ook wel Guillaume genoemd in het rose gebeuren (in de 80-er jaren). Gorinchem is voor mij een bekend oord in dat verband, vandaar deze poging. (Wellicht enigszins ongepast op een genealogie-site, maar desondanks!) Groet Evert F.J. -

Thursday, 14 January 2010 18:33
Lyndon Davids

Im from the Ugie Goosen's. My Grandfather Henry William Goosen. -

Friday, 08 January 2010 08:44
Piet Johanssen

Iemand kan my dalk help.My ma was 'n Goosen met die name Catharina Elizabeth en het 'n broer Gerrit Pieter en suster Peronella Zacharia gehad.My oupa Goosen was getroud met Petronella Zacharia Diamond.Hulle was van Bethal/Middelburg area.My oupa senaam was Johannes Christoffel Goosen gebore te Fort Peddie in die Oos-Kaap ongeveer 1883.hy was gevang in die 2e ABO te Rietkol en na Indie gestuur as 'n krygsgevangene Laat die Goosens wys wat hulle kan doen -

Thursday, 07 January 2010 15:38
Dina Lemmer

This is a great site. You have done a terrific job. I was looking for another family crest an found this one ( My Mothers Maiden name is Goosen) She will really Appreciate it when I give her this. Thank you so much. -

Monday, 04 January 2010 13:32
Gerrit Goosen

Prima, je bent weer aktief in de genealogie en op het net. Ik heb je site en je werk altijd zeer gewaardeerd. Ik ben en blijf een trouwe bezoeker. Op jacht naar de oer-oer-oer-oer-stamvader van de Goosen familie. gerrit -

Thursday, 03 December 2009 13:36
Deon Goosen

Die korrekte gegewens i.v.m.die nageslag van Pieter Andries Goosen *02.08.1795 Sien die fout op u webblad. *-------Gebore =-------Gedoop +-------Oorlede x-------- Getroud e3 Pieter Andries Goosen*02.08.1795 +Wellington 04.03.1843 x Paarl 05.02.1820 Maria Magdalena Rossouw =13.07.1800 +17.07.1861 f1 Pieter Andries *25.03.1820 f2 Hester Maria *17.06.1822 f3 Hendrina Christina*16.06.1824 f4 Daniel Johannes Francois *21.05.1826 f5 Johannes Cornelis *21.05.1828 f6 Maria Magdalena *10.03.1833 f7 Magdalena Francina Retha =22.01.1835 f8 Gideon Jacobus Cornelis *23.10.1836 f9 Francois Jacobus *15.04.1839 f10 Anna Hendrina Jacoba *30.03.1842 f8 Gideon Jacobus Cornelis* 23.10.1836 x 23.04.1860 Anna Geertruida Dirkse van Schalkwyk*1840 g1 Pieter Andries*08.04.1861 g2 Theunis Gabriel*06.09.1862 g3 Gideon Jacobus Francois =05.09.1864 g4 Willem Jacobus Petrus =10.06.1866 g5 Daniel Jacobus Johannes =08.07.1868 g6 Francois Jacobus =06.12.1870 g7 Johannes Jurgens =06.12.1870 g8 Aletta Catharina Petronella =17.08.1872 g9 Nicolaas Johannes =20.08.1875 g10 Maria Magdalena Elizabeth =10.03.1878 g11 Anna Geertruida =17.11.1879 g1 Pieter Andries *08.04.1861 +01.04.1913 x 10.09.1883 Susanna Jacoba Frederika Laubscher *23.06.1864 +29.04.1924 h1 Gideon Jacobus Cornelius *25.08.1884 +28.09.1945 h2 Johannes Andries Bauermeester *17.10.1886 h3 Pieter Andries *19.07.1888 h4 Sebastina Susanna Hendrina *03.06.1890 h5 Anna Geertruida *11.07.1892 h6 Jacob *23.01.1894 h7 Susanna Jacoba Frederika *14.11.1895 h8 Aletta Catharina *05.06.1901 h1 Gideon Jacobus Cornelius *25.08.1884 +28.09.1945 x 11.07.1911 Wellington Susanna Debora Blake *15.02.1883 +27.10.1963 i1 Pieter Laubscher *11.04.1912 i2 Maria Magdalena *24.01.1914 i3 Susanna *13.09.1916 i4 Stienie Hoogenhout *02.09.1918 i5 Gidea Gerharda *04.01.1920 i6 Hester Blake *14.03.1922 i1 Pieter Laubscher *11.04.1912 +04.05.1988 x 11.04.1939 Sophia Magdalena Johanna Beyers *21.11.1909 +11.08.1990 j1 Margaretha Magdalena *01.03.1943 (Marlene) j2 Gideon Jacobus Cornelius *26.09.1945 (Deon) -

Friday, 27 November 2009 20:05
Anitra Klappe-Goosen

Hoi Patrick, Zou jij kunnen nagaan of wij ergens familie van elkaar zijn. Mijn vader heet johannes franciscus goosen is geboren in amsterdam en van 1919. Hij wordt zaterdag 90 jaar. Mijn mans naam klappe komt van schokland. Zijn ook lid van de schokker club. In een van de boekjes heeft gestaan dat een klappe met een goosen getrouwd was. Grappig dat is bij mij ook zo.Doe de groeten aan Linda van mij en hoop wat van je te horen. Groetjes Anitra -

Wednesday, 18 November 2009 14:45
William A. Goosen

I have a family tree going back to belgium - I will share. My great grandfather was Ivan Goosen (Goossen's) -

Wednesday, 18 November 2009 01:34
A. Williamson

Great grand daughter of John and Margarethe Goosen -

Friday, 06 November 2009 17:30
Linda Beening

Hallo Patrick, Ben blij dat je weer in de lucht bent. Welliswaar niet als Goosen.org maar Goosen.nu en daar gaat het NU tenslotte toch maar om. Ik wens je Nu en voor Later weer hetzelfde succes als voorheen. Knuffie, Je wijffie. -

Thursday, 22 October 2009 20:13

Hello ek is op soek na die genelyne van Jacob de klerk Jovner hy het na Rhodesia verhuis toe my Ouma Maria Elisabeth Getruida Jovner 11jaar oud was het het na die Somabula vlakes verhuis in die middle van Rhodesia. Hy was 'n trek boer in die Noordkaap omgewing en het ook rondom Douglas in die kaap gewoon -

Wednesday, 29 July 2009 00:03
Willem Hendrik Jacobus Goosen

Please ignore previous posting as I found your coat of arms and got my answer Thanks -

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 13:22
Willem Hendrik Jacobus Goosen

Hi I am Willem Hendrik Jacobus Goosen so was my father and his father was Jacobus Stephanus Goosen from Hertzogville Free State. My question is regarding the coat of arms as this is the second one I have seen and is unsure which is which. The one I have the helmet is pointing to the side and on the shield top left there is a raven on a white background, top right there are three broad yellow lines split by three narrow red lines. The bottom half is blue with 3 yellow stars and a white line running through two of the stars. The way I have it is when the helmet is looking at you it indicates that you are a descendant of blue blood and if it points to the side you are a descendant from worker class. Is all of us descendants from the same shoe maker that landed in the Cape or was there some aristocrats that came over as well. -

Tuesday, 28 July 2009 13:17
Luciano Goosen

wat 'n wonderlikke web werf - my fader (Sergio Goosen) is nou besig om ons familie boom op te soek - soos jy kan sien het ons so bietjie italiaanse agter grond My oupa het met 'n italiaanse nooitjie getrou in die tweede werld oorlog - Maar vir meer inligting kontak my enige tyd groete vanaf Zuid Afrika -

Monday, 20 July 2009 12:37

Fascinating info. I am trying to trace my family line back to Jean Baptiste, if possible. My father Pieter Johannes Goosen, born 29/05/1927, died 1987, married Elizabeth Swanepoel (born 17/08/1929) in 1950. Grandfather Pieter Nicolaas Goosen (I think), married a van der Bank widow, Johanna Gezina (I think) - never knew either of them. My father was born in Hobhouse, near Ladybrand in the Free State. I really do not know how to go about this process, please help if you can. -

Monday, 20 July 2009 11:49
Nichole (Goosen) Els

How can i update info on this website -

Monday, 13 July 2009 00:57
paul willie goosen

any way of researching my family history -

Thursday, 09 July 2009 22:30
kathy woelk

My maiden name was Goossen and our family came from the Molotschna district of Russia to Marion County in Kansas in 1874. Do you have any of those Goossen's on this site? -

Monday, 29 June 2009 16:51
Diana Goosen Nelson

I am the daughter of William John Goosen of Hart, Michigan USA. My father passed away about 1 yr ago. I have a older brother , Lawrence that lives in Michigan, and A older sister that also lives in Michigan. There is not of Goosen's left, to my knowledge. But I would like to find some of them.. I know that my grandparents immigrated from Belgium to the USA, in the late 1800's.. the migrated to midwest of Michigan, ( Muskegon, Ludington, Hart,Scottville, Coopersville) but families have split and now are hard to find..I would be interesting to find some long lost relatives, My grandfather was Peter Goosen, lived in Weare.. I grew up in Muskegon, and was a lot of Goosens there over the yrs. But like I said, many have moved along,, I would be interested to talk to some family. -

Saturday, 27 June 2009 01:28
Allen Goosen

Hallo daar. Ek is op soek na meer inligting omtrent die Namakwalandse Goosen's. Hoe hulle daar gekom het en hoe hulle stamboom daar lyk. My oupa was Eduard Johannes Goosen, oorspronklik van Kleinsee, maar het later op 'n plaas buite Springbok gaan bly. Groete, Allen Goosen -

Tuesday, 23 June 2009 23:26
Petronella Goosen

My grandmother was a Petronella Goosen and her daughter was a Petronella (Nellie) She married a Swanepoel was a widow for a number of years then married a Joubert . We lived at the Lonely Mine . My grandmother and aunt have been deceased for a number of years . My grandmother had four children . My father was Alex . His brothers were Wessel and Samuel and his sister was Nellie. My cousins are scattered. Some of us live in Australia , Canada and South Africa. -

Saturday, 13 June 2009 12:12

i like this web pade -

Thursday, 11 June 2009 16:24
Anny Bodenstein

Hi, I am Anny Bodenstein (also born a Goosen). I am trying to trace our roots further back than Pieter Johannes Goosen (born in 1876). Most of our Goosen family members were from the Northern Province, areas of Musina, Levubu etc. 1. Great grandfather Pieter Johannes Goosen (born 1876) married Wilhemina Abrama Grobler (born 1873) 1.1. Hester Catharina Goosen (born 1889) married a Van den heever 1.2. Louisa Pieternella Goosen (born 1892) married a de Bruin 1.3. Wilhemina Abrama Goosen (born 1899) married a Kemp 1.4. Pieter Johannes Goosen (born 1902) 1.5. Jan Johannes Goosen (born 1905) married a Breedt 1.6. Daniel Johannes Goosen (born 1905) married a Roos 1.7. Barbara Jacomina Goosen (born 190 married a Potgieter 1.8. Petrus Cornelius Goosen (born 1910) married a Fevrier 1.9. Maria Elizabeth Goosen (born 1913) married a Cornelius Goosen 1.10. Frans Gerhardus Goosen (born 1915) married a Breedt 1.11. Jacobus Petrus Goosen (1893

Saturday, 06 June 2009 20:14
Hendrik Petrus Goosen

Hi nice web site, ek sien onder Hendrik Petrus Goosen daar is een gebore in 1971 Januarie wel ek is ook in 1971 gebore maar net in Maart maand. En dan wonder ek my pa was Daniel Johannes Andreas Goosen hy het n neef gehad ook Danie Goosen was in die Polisie(Speurder) in Krugersdorp baie jare terug het ook n seun gehad ook Danie wonder net wat van hom geword het? Groete almal! -

Wednesday, 27 May 2009 13:33
Ashley Goosen

Hi all you Goosen's. I have been interested in creating a record of our family tree for some time and have in fact started one. My grandfather's name was Christoffel Johannes Goosen, married Magdalena Fransina Meiring (date unknown) and they had children: Willem Johannes Goosen (born 3.12.1909), married Thelma Reid in 14.03.1931 and they were resident in Welkom Free State, from 1960 till 1983 when he died, ; Elsie (Ella) Johanna Cornelia Goosen (born 13.04.1916) and married to Daniel Jacobus Nel; Marthinus Goosen (not sure of birthdate) and he married Mathilda Dawson (not sure of marriage date); Benjamin Daniel Jacobus Goosen (Born 26.12.1923) married to Amelia Marion North (Born 3.08.1923); Thomas Christoffel Goosen married to Rachel (Maiden Name unknown); Magdalena (Poppy) Fransina Goosen married Jacob (Kotie) Jacobus Gouws (details unknown). I know that they had cousins living in Bloemfontein and if any recognize any of these names to please contact me. My name is Ashley. I am the youngest son of Benjamin Daniel Jacobus Goosen and Amelia (Molly) Marion North. My email address is ashleygoosen@vodamail.co.za Thank you very much for a great web site). Yours, Ashley -

Tuesday, 26 May 2009 15:46
doris goosen

Mijn naam is Doris Goosen. Het schijnt dat mijn voorouders van vaders kant, hun wortels hadden in Schokland. mijn grootvader, Henri Goosen werd al jong wees, samen met twee zusjes. Henri groeide op in het Burgerweeshuis in Amsterdam en zijn zusjes in het Maagdenhuis. Henri startte een muziekzaak in Den Haag en huwde Henriette Caron. Samen verhuisden ze met hun zoon Joop, mijn vader, rond 1915 naar 's Hertogenbosch, waar hij wederom een muziekhandel begon. Mijn vader huwde in 1930 Theodora Harperink. Samen kregen zij 14 kinderen. Han +, Helma, Marie Jose, Tineke, Helen, Henri, Martin, Gerard+ Trees, Ruud +, Joop, Doris, Monique en Margje. Mijn vader Joop, nam in 1931 de muziekzaak over en was musicus. verder dan mijn grootvader kom ik niet. Zijn er Goosen nazaten die meer over de Goosen tak van bijvoorbeeld Schokland weten. Of hoe mijn grootvader in Amsterdam terecht gekomen is. Waar mijn overgrootvader vandaan kwam? -

Wednesday, 20 May 2009 14:24
Willem Johannes Goosen

Wat n voorreg om van soveel Goosen's te kan lees. My naam is Willem Johannes Goosen gebore in Evander Transvaal op 5 Oktober 1963. My pa was Hendrik Pertus Jacobus Goosen wat op Hexrivier in die Standeton area Transvaal gebore is op 20 April 1929. Hy is getroud met Joey Marie Fullagar gebore in Springs 26 Junie 1936. Hulle het in Welkom gaan woon nadat hulle getroud is het later Evander toe getrek waar my pa op die myn gewerk het en het agt kinders gehad. Martie Goosen , Piet Goosen , Susan Goosen , Geoge Goosen , Hannetjie Goosen , Wiilem Goosen , Louise Goosen en Johny Goosen. My pa is oorlede op 21 Maart 2002 oudtse broer Piet Goosen op 01 Mei 2004 my ma Joey Goosen 28 Junie 2006 en my jonste broer Johny 6 November 2007. Ek is getroud met Lizl van de Merwe geboreop 24 April 1975 in Heidelberg Transvaal en het twee kinders Lize-Marie Goosen gebore op 13 September 1989 en n seun Wiaan-Jaques Goosen gebore op 30 Januarie 1998. Ons bly in Springs Gauteng en kan gekontak word op my epos adres williegoosen@vodamail.co.za. My oupa Hendrik Goosen het op Bronkhorstspruit op die plaas Tweefontein geboer in die jare 1960 - 1976 waarna hy die plaas verkoop het. Groete aan al die Goosen's en laat maar van julle hoor. -

Saturday, 09 May 2009 12:06
Theodore Edward Goosen

Hello all, my name is Theodore Edward Goosen (Ted) 47, born in Muskegon, MI 11/22/1961 - married to Lori Ann Buit (Goosen) also born in Muskegon, Mi. 1961 - Two sons Bradley Ryan Goosen 1987 & Blake Alan Goosen 1990. We are living in Fort Worth Texas since 1985. I am the son of Thomas William Goosen of Muskegon born 07/11/1935 and Grand Parents Edward Goosen 12/18/1915 & Doris Eugenia Peterson 11/5/1916. Doris has traced our Goosen family tree back to Geert George Goosen 1843 of the Netherlands (then son George G Goosen 1889, then son Edward Goosen 1915, then son Thomas W Goosen 1935, then me). We still have many relatives in and around Muskegon, Mi area. The children of Thomas W Goosen are Charlene Goosen 1958-Balise, Thomas W Goosen Jr. 1960-Tomecula, CA and me, Ted Goosen 1961 Fort Worth, TX. Great Website ! -

Saturday, 02 May 2009 01:23
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Patrick Goosen

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