Ezette Gericke

Very interesting and informative site! I would like to make contact with relatives or acquaintances of the late Thomas Casper Goosen born November 15th, 1910; died November 3rd, 1983. He was married to Elizabeth Susanna Goosen (nee ???) born March 3rd, 1915; died November 22, 1974. They had one daughter, the late Larry Goosen who was married to Henk Traut.

Monday, 03 June 2002 15:24
Betty Milleer

Searching for ancestors of a Justina Goosen, b. 1791 Altonau, So. Russia. She is my g-g grandmother.

Friday, 17 May 2002 01:34
Peta-Ann Goosen

Hi! Thanks for a great site. It's really interesting seeing all these Goosens and yet here in Zimbabwe it's not such a common name. My family originate from South Africa and Bechuanaland. My dads name is Peter Clayton Goosen, my oupa's name is Peter Zacharias Goosen. Peter Zacharias was born at Lobatsi in Bechuanaland Protectorate (now Botswana) on 27th December 1911. His father, Rupert Goosen was a speculator who went to Bechuanaland from South Africa in the early 1900's and his mom's name was Eliza Johanna Goosen. I think her maiden name was Du Rand. They had seven children, Sam, Peter Zacharias, Rupert, Quinton, Frank, Chris, Ben and Anne. Most of these children ended up in either South Africa or Southern Rhodesia. Does anyone know any of them?

Thursday, 21 March 2002 16:00

Looking for Goosen/Gosen Michigan, USA Please contact me at VickisHarp@aol.com if you have any knowledge of these Goosen/Gosen individuals or their history. Thank you. Generation No. 1 1. ?1 HOLMAN was born in The Netherlands, Immigrated to USA after Feb 3, 1853. He married ?. She was born in The Netherlands, Immigrated after Feb 3, 1853. Children of ? HOLMAN and ? are: 2. i.HENRIETTA2 HOLMAN, b. 03 February 1853, The Netherlands, Located in Grand Haven, Michigan by 1881; d. 06 July 1946, 801 1/2 Franklin street, Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., Michigan, USA, 92 yrs old. ii.MRS. JOHN ARKEMA, b. of Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI; d. Aft. July 1946; m. JOHN ARKEMA; b. of Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI. iii.PETER HOLMAN, d. Aft. July 1946. iv.GERRIT HOLMAN, d. Aft. July 1946. Generation No. 2 2. HENRIETTA2 HOLMAN (?1) was born 03 February 1853 in The Netherlands, Found in Grand Haven, Ottawa County, Michigan in 1881, died 06 July 1946 in 801 1/2 Franklin street, Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI, 92 yrs old. She married (1) OTSA FISHER likely second Husband. She married (2) ? VANDEN BOSCH. He died Bef. July 1946 in Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI. She married (3) HENRY GERRIT GOOSEN/GOSEN Bef. 1880 likely First husband. He was born Abt. 1850 in Probably The Netherlands, and died Bef. 1915 in 409 Elliott St., Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., Michigan, USA. Children of HENRIETTA HOLMAN and HENRY GOSEN are: 3. i.HELEN3 GOSEN, b. of Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI; d. Aft. December 1926. 4. ii.HATTIE GOSEN, b. 1880, The Netherlands, Immigrated as an infant to Grand Haven; d. 02 November 1915, Grand Haven, Ottawa Couty, Michigan, USA before her husband. iii.CORNELIUS GOSEN, b. Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI; d. of Kenosha, Kenosha Co., Wisconsin, USA at mother's death. iv.HENRY GOSEN, JR., b. of Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI. v.EDWARD GOSEN, b. of Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI. Generation No. 3 3. HELEN3 GOSEN (HENRIETTA2 HOLMAN, ?1) was born in of Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI, and died Aft. December 1926. She married WILLIAM S SCHIPPERS, son of HENRY SCHIPPERS and YSKE DE BOER. He was born Abt. 1886 in Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., Michigan, USA, and died 03 December 1926 in 321 Ann St. N. E., Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. Children of HELEN GOSEN and WILLIAM SCHIPPERS are: 5. i.ELIZABETH4 SCHIPPERS, b. 26 March 1905; d. 26 January 1984. 6. ii.HARRY WILLIAM SCHIPPERS, b. 01 October 1910; d. 05 October 1972. 7. iii.LORRAINE GERTRUDE SCHIPPERS, b. 11 August 1914; d. Unknown, Grand Rapids. 8. iv.WILLIAM J. SCHIPPERS, b. 31 May 1925, Grand Haven, MI; d. of Grand Haven. 4. HATTIE3 GOSEN (HENRIETTA2 HOLMAN, ?1) was born 1880 in The Netherlands, Immigrated as an infant to Grand Haven, and died 02 November 1915 in Grand Haven, Michigan before her husband. She married JOHN SCHIPPERS 12 March 1902 in Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., Michigan, USA; at Capt. Henry Shippers' home, son of HENRY SCHIPPERS and YSKE DE BOER. He was born 1875 in Probably Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI, and died October 1919 in 116 Elliott street, Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., Michigan, USA. Children of HATTIE GOSEN and JOHN SCHIPPERS are: i.HENRY4 SCHIPPERS, b. 24 May 1905, Probably Grand Haven, MI; d. 09 May 1963, Probably Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., MI. ii.HENRIETTA SCHIPPERS, b. 14 October 1907, Grand Haven, Michigan; d. 31 March 1999, Garfield Hospital, Monterey Park, California; m. HENRY REYNOLDS, Washington, D. C.; b. Unknown, Connecticut; d. Unknown, Washington, D. C.. iii.Ida SCHIPPERS, b. no information 7. LORRAINE GERTRUDE4 SCHIPPERS (HELEN3 GOSEN, HENRIETTA2 HOLMAN, ?1) was born 11 August 1914, and died Unknown in Grand Rapids. She married KENNETH BENJAMIN DYKHUIS. He was born 26 November 1913, and died February 1969. Children of LORRAINE SCHIPPERS and KENNETH DYKHUIS are: i. RONALD5 DYKHUIS, b. Abt. 30 November 1945. ii. DAVIS CRAIG DYKHUIS, b. 13 November 1948. 8. WILLIAM J.4 SCHIPPERS (HELEN3 GOSEN, HENRIETTA2 HOLMAN, ?1) was born 31 May 1925 in Grand Haven, MI, and died in of Grand Haven. He married DONNA BONNER 29 November 1947, daughter of ? BONNER and MILDRED WHITE. She was born Abt. 1927 in MI, and died Aft. 1976 in of Grand Haven. Children of WILLIAM SCHIPPERS and DONNA BONNER are: i. CAROL5 SCHIPPERS, b. 11 October 1947, Grand Haven, MI; d. of Grand Rapids, MI; m. ? VERPLOEGH. ii. WILLIAM SCHIPPERS, b. 20 September 1948, Grand Haven, MI; d. of Grand Haven, MI; m. CLAUDIA. iii. BRIAN SCHIPPERS, b. Unknown, Grand Haven, MI; d. of Grand Haven, MI; m. (1) KATHI; m. (2) KATHI. iv. GARY SCHIPPERS, b. 1952, Grand Haven, MI; d. of Spring Lake, MI. v. LARRY SCHIPPERS, b. 1952, Grand Haven, MI; d. 26 October 1976, Hackley Hospital in Muskegon; of 1408 Pennoye, Grand Haven. vi. BRENDA SCHIPPERS, b. Unknown, Grand Haven, MI; d. of Grand Haven, MI.

Sunday, 13 January 2002 03:28
hans reusink

My grandmother from mother's side , her name was Gosen. Two of my old uncles went to the United Sttes of America Thank you, for your extensive work.

Monday, 03 December 2001 04:32
Roeland G. Goosen

I was very much happy and surpriced to have met Retief Goosen last week in Madrid (during the Telefonica Open, which he won). We stayed at the hotel on the same floor. Since we are both an R.Goosen the hotel directed messeges ment for Retief to my room! I was happy to have shaking his hand specially since i have just started to take golf classes this summer. This has nothing to do with Retief but me liking the game. But I can not deny to read about the golf success of my fellow R.Goosen Cheers, Roeland Goosen

Tuesday, 30 October 2001 17:59
Captain Gotlieb Frederik Leibbrandt

Dear Goosen Family; Thank you for colliding with your page! It helped me to link a question about my family. GFL.

Saturday, 27 October 2001 16:30
Ad C. Goosen

add to A.Goosen[259] A.Tensen[ 93]Timo Goosen{ } Lucas Joannes Goosen[ ]Sofieke Rosalie Goosen[ ] Sander Goosen[ ] Leteke Goosen{ ]

Friday, 21 September 2001 16:55

It is very interesting. My aunt live in south africa and go with their family to australia. greetings from Germany ***Enrico-Andr

Wednesday, 05 September 2001 01:44
Martin Goosen

Very interesting site, I am very suprised as to see how wide spread the surname Goosen is.

Friday, 17 August 2001 21:51


Saturday, 11 August 2001 02:25
Paul Willie Goosen

Need to find out more about family roots.

Saturday, 28 July 2001 13:29
Adri Goosen

Hi, Great site - Very surprised to see my publication listed under Books published by Goosens. I am from Krugersdorp and married to Cornelius Marthinus Johannes Goosen. Any relations? Please post information.

Wednesday, 25 July 2001 22:10
Christiane Bosschaerts-Goossens

I am looking for Goossens-Goosens etc.Petrus Gommarus Josephus Goossens born Lier Antwerp 21 maart 1867. Married to Van Houdt Maria Plilomena in 1893. Left for U.S.A in 1919 Detroit Michigan. In 1933 he remarried Maria Cuelemans en died in Belgium 1933. Children stayed in U.S.A and all died. I am looking for his grandchildren that live in de U.S.A Remigius or Remy,Marta Maria Philomena, Gerardus Franciscus and Maria. Please help! Christiane

Wednesday, 18 July 2001 05:10
Kenneth R. Goosen

I am now a retired college professor. I was Professor of Accounting at the University of Arkansas Little Rock from 1975 to 1998. My father's name is John G and his father's name was Abraham D. Goosen. Both my Grandfather and my father were wheat farmers in Western Oklahoma. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister: Clarence Goosen Karen Goosen John Thomas Goosen Carl Goosen I was delighed when Retief Goosen from S. Africa won the U.S. Open in Tulsa Okahoma last month. I taught at the University of Tulsa for 7 years (1965 - 1972). I have a cousin, Derry Jack Goosen, who lives in Hooker, Oklahoma. Jack and I grew up together in a very small town (Adams) in Oklahoma and played on the same basketball team when we were in high school. Hope to hear more from other Goosens in the U.S. Kenneth Goosen

Friday, 13 July 2001 08:05
Sharon Galitz

The descendants of Marinus GOOSEN in the Norway listing are also descendants of Jacob Pieterse GOOSSEN of Hoek and then Kruiningen, Zeeland, The Netherlands. I took the information from Mia Goosen of Norway, and did a little more research in Salt Lake City and found that her line ties right in with mine - the Jacob GOOSSEN one found here. I would like to know if some of the South African members of this web site can find their forebears in Holland? We probably all connect somewhere back in time.

Wednesday, 04 July 2001 23:58
Hans Goosen

Hi Patrick, Congratulations with this great site. What a surprise !!! I wish to meet all my family from Schokland on a big reuni

Thursday, 07 June 2001 03:29
William Jacobus Goosen (Jnr)

You could do some more searching over the globe... I know of plenty more Goosens here in South Africa in Pretoria and Johannesburg alone....

Tuesday, 29 May 2001 03:33
Rob Back

Hi, regarding my familytree i'm looking for information about Diana Goosen (26.11.1819-30.10.1898 Vlissingen/NL) married with Laurens Willemse Back on 22.07.1836 Vrouwenpolder. Where was Diana born? Does somebody has information available, also about family BACK (Vlaanderen?)before 1600, please contact me. Thanks in advance !

Tuesday, 15 May 2001 12:41
Sharon Galitz

Seems I have trouble typing my e-mail address correctly. In the previous message it is wrong! Sorry bout that.

Sunday, 29 April 2001 00:27
Sharon Galitz

Hi again Patrick, i'm still tracing various GOOSSEN families mainly from Goes and Kruiningen, Zeeland. i'm pretty sure I can tie the Norway GOOSEN (they dropped an S) into my Zeeland bunch with just a little more research. I've changed e-mail addresses since my earlier messaages. I can now be reached at: shgalitz@yahoo.com or wogalitz@earthlink.net. Keep up the good work!

Sunday, 29 April 2001 00:26
Kimberly Morton (maiden Goosen)

Patrick, I remember you emailing me 6 or 7 years ago before you had this site. Great work! My brother Bob (Robert Kenneth Goosen) married in 1998, so hopefully the line of Goosens in Texas/Arkansas will continue. You need to add my grandfather to the family tree (he is 84 years old - lives here in Little Rock). His name is John Goosen (by birth Abraham Goosen). He had five children: Kenneth Goosen (my Dad), Clarence Goosen, J.T. (John) Goosen, Karen Goosen (now Karen O'Rear), and Carl Goosen. There are 9 grandkids, three of which were boys. Keep up the good work!

Friday, 06 April 2001 04:55
daniel huffine

my great grandfather came from antwerp belgium.his name was Guilaume(?)Goosen oder Goossen. He married my great grandmother Charlotte Wurz (Wurtz).We lived in Evansville Indiana, can you help me find out about my great grandfather? His family supposedly owned an opera house. thanks Daniel Huffine He died around 1957

Tuesday, 06 March 2001 05:40
Dewald Goosen

hi ek het nou al amper die hele wereld vol gesoek vir n volledige beskrywing van ons coat of arms sonder enige sukses is daar miskien iemand van ons goosens wat miskien my kan help? .....o ja nog net een ding ek het sommer ter selwe tyd vir een van my vriende hul coat of arms gesoek en tot my skok twee of meer verskillende coat of arms ontdek. Hul van is Smith en die {c o a} verskil hemelsbreed..... dit laat n mens net wonder? Kan julle my miskien help? Baie dankie n mens voel sommer tuis op hierdie web site! Tot later GOOSE

Thursday, 28 December 2000 20:40
Hanneke Goosen

Hello people! i'm Hanneke Goosen from Holland, and I saw myself standing on this page. Really cool! What a big family do I have... Bye! Hanneke Goosen

Thursday, 21 December 2000 23:40
Henk van der Pol

Thank yoy very much. Thanks to you i'm one step further. i'm a deescendant of Jan Goossen and Margien Jans Wolters from Hoogeveen(NL) i'm still searching for: Seinen, Eerde(n), Van der Pol, Vos. Who can help me? Kind regards, Henk van der Pol

Friday, 22 September 2000 14:41
Dewald Goosen

Hello my pa was Peutrus Paulus Juacheumus Goosen . My seun is so vyf maande gelede gebore - Duncan Connor Goosen - Ek is op soek na die verduideliking vir ons coat of arms veral wat elke deel van die skild beteken en miskien n verduideliking daarvan en waar dit vandaan kom en wie dit eerste ontwerp het .Miskien kan iemand my hiermee help ? Dankie Dewald

Sunday, 20 August 2000 16:39
Mavourneen Hoover

Great Website! I am an adopted Goosen intrested in tracing my roots, and hopefully finding my birth mother Marie Anne Goosen, born in 1954. Can anyone help?

Sunday, 06 August 2000 07:49
Ferdi Goosen

a great site! keep it comming. i'd like to see more

Wednesday, 02 August 2000 19:21
Joshua David Goosen

Where is the meaning of the word etc Need more info

Friday, 14 July 2000 14:51
Johann Grobler

A practical site with sound information. Cornelia Margaretha Goosen born 1788 in Graaf Reinet is my Great, Great, Great Grandmother. My wife Emmarencia (Sorgdrager)is descendant of Gerrit Sorgdrager circa 1635. All this information is available on Ancestry.com Groete uit Suid Afrika

Thursday, 08 June 2000 17:30
Leandre Green

Patrick, you have a really great site. I found it very interesting and informative. I am trying to find out about my birth father, Peter Goosen but don't know much about him. I do know I was born in the then Wankie, Rhodesia on a mine that either Peter Goosen managed or owned.

Wednesday, 07 June 2000 22:48
Johan Goosen

Was suprised to stumble onto this site - most impressive! Been looking for our coat of arms for years!! Thanks

Tuesday, 16 May 2000 15:58
Mary Antonia Goosen

Received an e-mail from Nico and he'd mentioned Patrick....so I thought i'd search for Goosen. I am very impressed with your site. So much work you've done.

Tuesday, 02 May 2000 17:45
David Goossen

I stumbled across your site and was pleased to find so much information about the Goossen name. How can I learn more about my line? My father is Frederick Goossen born 11/25/1916. My paternal grandfather was Behrend Goossen. My paternal grandmother was Carrie Goossen. Behrend's father was also named Behrend. His mother was Fredricke The senior Behrend emigrated to the U.S. from Grapel, Hanover, Germany in approximately 1860. It is said that the Goossens, along with several other families, founded this small town after emigrating from Holland.

Thursday, 27 April 2000 08:45
Sharon Galitz

Hi Patrick, your site just keeps getting better and better. I keep finding more and more relatives from my GOOSSEN family in Goes, Kruiningen and Hoek. Keep up the great work. I'll visit again soon. Sharon

Tuesday, 25 April 2000 22:16
Rebecca Goosen

Daughter of Gideon Goosen (formally from South Africa)and Caroline Blundell, currently living in the Blue Mountains, 1 hour out of Sydney Australia.

Monday, 27 March 2000 06:23
Jacob William Goos

very interesting site i was suprised to find a name almost like mine

Thursday, 02 March 2000 06:04
Sariena (Goossens) McIntyre

i'm searching for my father's family to get my family tree. There are many 'Goossens' in Belguim and Holland. I thought I could contribute what I know to this site and maybe we'll find each other. What do you think?

Thursday, 13 January 2000 22:08
Martijn Goosen (also!!!! family?)

Hi i'm Martijn and i'm proud to be a Goosen you too? please mail it to me? That would make me very happy

Wednesday, 15 December 1999 12:50

Nice site Patrick, I'll visit more often and will soon forward you an address of someone in SA who is doing research on the goosen family in SA. Catch you later on the net.

Wednesday, 03 November 1999 09:09
Lynette Goosen (by marriage)

I am absolutely amazed at the number of Goosen families throughout the world and here we are at the most southern point of Africa, thinking we are unique. This website has fascinating stuff - just wish I had more time to go into our side of the family in more detail. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, 03 November 1999 08:15
Ralph Tschopp

Researching the family name Orn

Sunday, 08 August 1999 08:30
Johannes Cornelius Goosen

Great site. i'm new to this. Apparently my full title is Johannes Cornelius Goosen the seventh. Does anybody know about the 4th 3rd 2nd and 1st

Thursday, 17 June 1999 15:43
Anna Marie Goossen

Anna Marie Goossen (Goosen) came to the United States in the womb of her Mother, Teresa Peerlinks Goossen. Her Father was Corneilius Goossen and his Father Ivan Goossen of Belgium. The family settled in Mason County, MI. Corneilus had a sister Julia, and brother Ston that also came to this country. Not all of the siblings immigrated to America. It would be interesting to know if there are any Goossen cousins in Belgium. The name was spelled Goossen by Corneilius and changed to Goosen by his sons in the U. S. Anna Goossen age 86 born in 1913 (year family immigrated to America).

Saturday, 12 June 1999 20:04
Evelyn M. Goosen

Goosen ancestors arrived in USA around 1890. Some settled in Missouri.

Friday, 30 April 1999 12:10
Victor Goosen

Hey Great site Thanks for the information Keep up the great work.

Wednesday, 07 April 1999 21:50
Gerhardt Goosen

Baie interessante site! Ek kom weer...

Sunday, 04 April 1999 14:37
Louis and Twan Goosen

Very good site: Lots of information. We enjoyed to read your statements.

Tuesday, 16 March 1999 07:02
Mark Sijm

Gegroet, Ik ben bezig met een artikel over Schokland, daardoor kwam ik op deze site terecht. Is er stomtoevallig een Goosen, of ander familielid die het oude Schokland nog meegemaakt heeft? Daar zou ik graag eens mee praten.Alvast bedankt,Mark Sijm

Monday, 08 March 1999 08:25
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