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Family: Hendrik Hotzes / Geesje Beening (F306)

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Roelof (Roelf) Hotzes
Male (1875-1955)
Margien Boerma
Female (1879-1953)
Jantien Hotzes
Female (1903- )
Jannes Hotzes
Male (1904-1948)
Hendrik Hotzes
Male (1905-1907)
Margien Hotzes
Female (1908-1914)
Thie BeeningThie Beening
Male (1871-1961)
Henderkien SlingerHenderkien Slinger
Female (1892-1964)
Berend BeeningBerend Beening
Male (1913-2003)
Jantje BeeningJantje Beening
Female (1914-1993)
Lambert BeeningLambert Beening
Male (1916-1991)
Hillechienus Beening
Female (1919-1920)
Aaltje BeeningAaltje Beening
Female (1921-1989)
Hillechien BeeningHillechien Beening
Female (1922-1995)
Albertje BeeningAlbertje Beening
Female (1924-1986)
Lucas BeeningLucas Beening
Male (1933-1984)
Hendrik HotzesHendrik Hotzes
Male (1912-1992)
Geesje BeeningGeesje Beening
Female (1918-2015)
Marchien Hotzes
Female (1942-2009)